DMIN'06 The 2006 International
Conference on Data Mining


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Conference Chair:
Sven F. Crone

eMail  sven.crone (at)

Conference & Programme
Robert Stahlbock
Stefan Lessmann







Student Funding

We are pleased to announce a number of opportunities for student funding. We are please to announce 3 full pre-conference student sponsorships for attendees form lesser developed countries. In addition, we are able to offer a limited number of 12 studentships available exclusively to DMIN'06 participants. The studentships will include different combinations (based upon different social criteria) of
  • free conference registration
  • free shared conference student accommodation in the conference venue
  • small monetary contribution towards living expenses and travel

The Studentships require submission of the initial paper and an application to the conference chair. The funding will require initial payment of the conference fee by the student / their organisation. The conference registration fees will then be refunded in person through upon registration on site in Las Vegas. Students must provide appropriate proof of student status (letter confirming status by the head of department, with official letterhead of university).

Studentships are provided on the basis of paper quality and socio-cultural background. Particular consideration will be given to students from lesser developed countries, female students and students with disabilities. All applications will be evaluated by the programme committee in two consecutive funding rounds. Round one will be terminated before the early submission & registration deadline, to allow on-time registration for all students. All sponsorships will be awarded to students. Those sponsorships not taken up will be awarded within a second round.
  • Deadline Phase 1: 26.04.2006 passed
  • Deadline Phase 2: 31.05.2006

For applications please send an immediate application to
Please state

  • Your name
  • Position (Bachelor/Master/PhD/ student, post doc researcher, or else)
  • Name of the university you are enrolled
  • Full address of your university incl. department and email
  • Full private address incl. email at university location incl. telephone
  • Nationality
  • Country of birth
  • Country of residence
  • Full address of your private residence (if different from university)
  • Funding you are currently receiving
  • Gender (male / female - optional information)
  • Disabilities (optional information)
  • A brief description (<500 words) of why you should receive support to visit DMIN06.

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